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Vcare Hair growth Vitalizer is a revolution in the hair care industry. The stickiness of hair oil has always prevented our youngsters from using it, though their benefits have been universally accepted.

Vcare Hair Growth vitalizer comes with the goodness of hair oil, but without its stickiness or tackiness. Vcare Hair growth Vitalizer is enriched with plant oils, peptides and vitamins. The ingredients are natural and they impart excellent characteristics to your hair.

The hair growth vitalizer, when sprayed, forms a film over your hair and scalp. It imparts several good properties to your hair and scalp.The properties of few of the active ingredients are listed belowVitamin E oil is an excellent natural anti oxidant that protects your hair from free radical damage.Holy Basil prevents hair fall and conditions hair and scalp. Peppermint oil controls sebum secretion and maintains the pH balance.Rosemary oil stimulates hair and increases hair thickness. Peptides stimulates hair growth by improving collagen production. Vitamins like biotin and folic acid nourishes hair follicles. The product as a whole is an effective alternative to hair oil. It also makes a significant contribution to hair growth.