Directions for use

 Take a ribbon length of approximately 3-4 cm of shikkakai paste in your hand. Dilute it with adequate quantity of water. Apply this to your hair and massage well for about 3 to 4 minutes. Allow the foam to remain for 3-4 minutes. Then rinse with adequate quantity of water. This method will reduce the quantity requirements and at the same time will provide maximum cleansing and nourishment.

Benefits of Vcare Shikkakai paste

  1. Offers a gentle and effective cleanse
  2. Moisturizes hair
  3. Prevents cuticle damage
  4. Reinforces hair shaft
  5. Restricts hair fall

Shikkakai is known for centuries among the people of India for its natural hair cleansing properties and hair nourishing characteristics. But gradually, its consumption has declined, especially in the last decade due to the difficulties in its usage. Some of the common reasons for this drop are

  1. Preparation of shikkakai for usage is time consuming
  2. It is allergic to some people
  3. It causes irritation in the eyes
  4. It does not produce adequate foam.

Vcare has always advocated the usage of shikkakai for hair cleansing and was always looking to bring out a new product which contains the goodness of shikkakai, but easy to use. A great level of research and development done by Vcare in this front has ultimately produced this novel shikkakai paste, the first of its kind in India.

Vcare Shikkakai paste contains quality shikkakai powder enriched with hair nourishing herbal actives like amla, fenugreek and hibiscus. Of course, it also contains a very mild surfactant to provide better foaming charecteristics. The mild foaming surfactants are organic certified products and are absolutely friendly to your hair. They definitely stand apart from the harsh surfactants usually present in other hair wash products.

Shikkakai powder used in this product is fine and grain free. Fine quality shikkakai pods handpicked by our experienced herbalists are exclusively ground in a state of art pulverizing facility. Custom blend high potency herbal extracts are used to add value to your hair.